P1 AquaX

AquaX is the fastest growing personal watercraft championship in the world. Its rapid growth is owed to a simple, yet challenging race format that appeals to today’s personal watercraft users.

This year the program will include the unveiling of a professional level race series and expansion of two further championships in the Great Lakes region of the USA and in Southeast Asia.

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AquaX Malaysia Rules and Regulations

2016 AquaX RuleBook

2016 AquaX Malaysian Rulebook

Download PDF:
2016 AquaX Malaysian Rulebook

The AquaX brand incorporates any type of PWC competition organised by P1. The platform includes two disciplines under the heading of Enduro and Sprint. Each category is then divided into Pro, Pro/Am or Amateur depending on the quality of the field and the size of the entry.


Sprint is a contest of speed and riding ability featuring multiple competitors negotiating short laps, on a course consisting of left and/or right-hand turns.


Enduro is a contest of endurance and consistency featuring multi-craft, ridden by riders of varying ability. The courses are large, with shallow turns. Races can last up to 40mins in duration.

The Malaysia will run to Pro/Am rules where riders of all levels will race together.

Pro/Am Enduro

AquaX Championship classes

• Pro/Am 300hp
• Pro/Am 250hp
• Pro/Am 200hp

For the above classes, all watercraft must remain strictly stock as supplied by OEM and comply with maximum speed limits set by P1, except where rules allow. Changes or modifications not listed in the rulebook are not permitted. The category will include 300, 250 and 200 craft that will race together but score separately. Competitors taking part in these classes will also accumulate world ranking points.

The P1 AquaX tech teams work to a maximum speed of 68.54mph with a tolerance no greater than 2.5%.

The speed limit is set by data gathered at the P1 annual speed test, where watercraft of all makes and models are tested for top speed, average speed and acceleration.

The P1 tracker system samples speed at every second during a race, any craft holding in excess of this speed, for a prolonged amount of time, will be disqualified.

• Pro/Am Ski
• Pro/Am Spark

The Sprint category will include the above classes and will utilise the IJSBA technical rules, but will run to AquaX general rules of racing.

(a) For 2016 the Pro/AM Sprint Ski rules will follow IJSBA Ski GP rules - IJSBA website/rulebook

(b) For 2016 the Pro/AM Sprint Spark rules will follow IJSBA Rec Lites rules IJSBA website/rulebook

• AquaX Team Trophy
• AquaX Cup

The AquaX Team Trophy
All competitors who enter an AquaX race may also enter as a team by listing their team name on the entry form. There is no limit to the amount of riders allowed in one team, but only the top 3 overall scores per round will be calculated and awarded to the overall team points table.

The AquaX Cup
The AquaX Cup is not a championship class and therefore championships points will not be awarded or carried forward to the next round. Its purpose is to acknowledge the overall finishing position per round of each rider, regardless of class. The overall winner will be awarded the AquaX Cup and prize money.

Craft that are modified and considered technically illegal for the AquaX championships, may compete in the Cup, provided the rider has taken part in AquaX Racer training and adhered to the general rules and regulations of competing in an AquaX event.